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When it comes to delivering experiences that resonate with audiences, it should not be left to intuition. Most platforms offer a one-size-fits-all approach, and it is tempting to pursue that route often for cost, ease and inexperience of Digital.

At Duality, we believe in the power of bespoke solutions and over the last 10 years, we have worked on creating cost-effective bespoke solutions that everyone can use!

There IS science behind capturing our audience! Events is an industry extremely focused on people and experiences, it’s time to embrace this and start applying behavioural science in events.

From bespoke registration process, communication plans, personalised agendas and event execution, we ensure your audience is thought about at every step and the bespoke event platform is created to engage delegates and amplify your business.

Every event you deliver should create a lasting impact. If you make every event the same format, on the same platform (especially those that mirror daily team meetings!) it is proven you get less engagement from your audience.

Just like in person, you can adapt and change your virtual event platform continuously. Enough of the ‘cookie cutter’ approach where everyone is producing the same result, create a unique identity across the entire platform. You can be in control of the way your audience engages to ensure the content or an exhibition area you spend so long designing has maximum engagement.

We have built our bespoke offering in a way that is cost-effective and will always work for you, not having to make your event work around the platform!

We have standard packages that we know work and are ready to go, all that’s left is the concept of your event and the platform design around it. If you want to adapt the features that are already there, that’s completely possible!

Our packages have been continuously developed and we’ve partnered with some amazing, global event agencies to ensure what we build, is what the industry needs.

Avon Virtual Event

Some of the brands we’ve

created for

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Here’s just some of our features we already offer:


Breakout rooms


Exhibitor pages with a CMS system


Personalised agendas








CMS system


Content Hub


Animated platforms


3D Worlds


Chat, Custom unlimited emoji reactions, Q&A, and Polls




Create your avatar


Photo wall with dynamic filters


Activity walls


Downloadable content


Remote control App


Feedback surveys


Virtual tables

We're always adding to our offering, so if you have an idea that you want to bring to life for your event, we can help.

Our event


Event Attendance

A really simple event attendance tool with dynamic joining instructions, QR codes that work with Tablets and Phones for seamless, cost-effective check-in.

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Event Apps

We have created several bespoke apps for our clients. The key purpose of these has been to deliver timely notifications to the audience.

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Event Apps

Remote Control

Put engagement in the delegates hands live. or virtually. Our Remote Control allows delegates to interact as they watch along in a crowded room, with their team or in full screen at home.

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Remote Control

Breakout Tables

Your delegates can watch along with their 'table' on a group video chat whilst the stream is playing in the background.

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Breakout Tables

If you’d like a demo of our virtual events or you’d like to discuss what we could build for you, get in touch!